Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the fees associated with Jackson Classical?  To ensure Jackson classical provides excellent teachers, supplies, and workshops there are fees associated and payment plans are encouraged.

2) I couldn’t help but notice, everyone has on matching clothes…is a uniform required? Yes, uniforms are required and detailed information is communicated to all enrolled families before the start of the year.

3) What is the admission process? In order to begin the admission process you must attend a prospective parent meeting. After attending the meeting you must fill out an application and pay application fees. Further testing for child placement may be required.

4) Is Jackson Classical a Co-op? Jackson Classical is a director lead academic program that provides enrichment and academic courses for children and workshops and counseling for parents. Co-ops tend to be parent lead and child focused. While Co-ops do provide moral support for parents, rarely do they provide consistent and specific help. Jackson Classical builds on some of the best ideas from public and private schools to offer in-depth instruction for parents and children with the purpose of helping the parents homeschool as long as they are able.

5) What are other key differences?  One of our greatest strengths is experience. Our teachers represent some of the best in the area in Latin, Ballet, Theatre, Music, and Humanities. Many of our teachers have been working with homeschoolers for 5 plus years and several have been for decades. Our program is more true to the classical roots in both teaching method and emphasis on the arts. When you enroll at Jackson Classical, you are homeschoolers which means you are the primary influence in your child’s education. At Jackson Classical you are not relegated to assistant, co-teacher, or spectator of your child’s education. Our class sizes are also some of the smallest in the area ranging from 10-12 per class.

6) Does Jackson Classical provide books? Enrolled families have access to a library of curriculums, textbook, and other great literature that may be checked out for preview purposes. Families are responsible for the purchase of all curricula recommended by Jackson Classical.  These materials are used on program days, as well as schooling at home.

7) What are the hours of Jackson Classical and how long is a typical day?  8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

8) How many academic weeks does the program cover? The program begins in September and ends in April. Schooling at home starts in August and ends in May for a total of 36 assigned weeks of work.

9)Does Jackson Classical homeschool your children for you? No, Jackson Classical believes that parents are to be the primary influence in their children’s education, and intentionally leaves the majority of schooling to the parents.

10) Where can I send mail to Jackson Classical? The mailing address is 1222 Greymont Ave. Jackson, MS 39202

11) Is there an after care program? No.

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