Jackson Classical Homeschool Program

Private schools. Classical schools. Homeschool groups. In Jackson, MS, academic support comes in all shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a program that combined some of the best ideas from each for the benefit of homeschool children? Wouldn’t it be great if there were academic support for homeschooling parents? Wouldn’t it be great if both were in the same location?

Jackson Classical is a two day homeschool program that offers both experienced, academic counseling for homeschooling parents and enrichment classes for children in one convenient location. It’s a program where you will find parents are the primary influence in their child’s life. Jackson Classical program comes along side your homeschooling efforts and helps strengthen your homeschool experience, so you can go the distance.

After reading dozens of top curriculum reviews, curriculum blogs, and curriculum websites, are you still asking these questions: What are the curriculums real strengths? How do I know which curriculum is best for my child? How do I interpret my child’s test scores? What do I do to improve the scores?

This two day homeschool program helps Jackson homeschool families know the answers. Jackson Classical offers classes that are a challenge to do at home. Ballet, Latin, English and classes like these are planned for the program year.

If you are homeschooling in Madison, Ridgeland, Brandon, Pearl, Byram, Clinton or the Jackson area, we encourage you to join us in September.

Called to Teach? Jackson Classical is looking for a humanities, chess  and logic teachers. Called to Homeschool? Contact us today. Phone: 601-790-0575 Email: office@jacksonclassical.com

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