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Jackson Classical is a two-day homeschool program that offers both experienced, academic counseling for homeschooling parents and enrichment classes for children in one convenient location. This program began in 2009 with a vision for supporting parents as the primary influence in the lives of their children. Jackson Classical Program comes along side your homeschooling efforts and helps strengthen your homeschool experience, so you can go the distance.

Director: Dr. Bonnie M. Ward

Dr. Bonnie WardBonnie M. Ward has invested her life in a career in education. She has served as a teacher, principal, superintendent in public and private schools, and as the Principal of The First Academy homeschool division.

She served ten years in the public system teaching at the high school and college level, and then served as a teacher, principal, and superintendent in four private Christian schools.

In 1987, Bonnie joined The First Academy, a K-12 private school in Orlando, Florida, in its first year of operation and worked 12 years as a teacher, athletic director, and director of admission. In 1999 she accepted a position to develop a homeschool program for The First Academy and was Principal of The First Academy homeschool division until retiring in 2011. The First Academy’s homeschool division has a program that offers K-12 two days of on-campus instruction and three days instruction provided by parents in the home. This year The First Academy homeschool division will start a new division for children with special needs.

Bonnie has committed her passion, vision, and energy to challenging parents to the urgent need to provide our children with an education that is sacred, rather than secular, and that prepares young people to become cultural champions for the cause of Christ. Young people today are negatively impacted by the culture. A Christian education should prepare youth to impact the world for Christ.

Bonnie has a passion for homeschooling because she believes that God gives children to parents and that parents are the best equipped to know, influence, and teach their children. Through parent training, on-campus classes and individual guidance for the family, the family is helped in the homeschooling of their children.

Over the years, Bonnie has served on numerous boards and committees, each associated with educational leadership and community service. She is a life-long Southern Baptist member and was a member of The First Baptist Church of Orlando where she has served for 23 years as a teacher to children and youth as well as a parent educator in the area of parenting.

Bonnie has been a widow for 18 years and was married to the former Winston Ward for 24 years. She has a  married son who lives in North Carolina. She also has a married daughter living in Jackson, Mississippi that homeschools her four children.

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