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Jackson Classical 2015

Academic support for homeschool families comes in all forms. Sometimes academic support is a timely story from someone who has been in your shoes. Sometimes it’s a tearful phone call of encouragement to stay the course, and, yes, sometimes academics support is a simple pat on the back. There also comes a time when academic support needs to last longer than a story and touch deeper than a pat on the back.

Jackson Classical’s Dr. Bonnie Ward has counseled hundreds of families through the landscape of curriculum choices, through tough learning disabilities, and challenging learning styles. She brings a multi-family perspective to homeschooling and a wisdom gained from some of the top homeschooling conferences in America. For two decades, she has been helping families understand their test scores and translate them to better curriculum choices; one story, one phone call, and one pat on the back at a time. If you’re looking for the academic edge to your homeschool support, we encourage you to take a closer look at Jackson Classical homeschool program.

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